100% bonus for new members

Enjoy 100% reward as you conduct your first transaction with Gstar28, In that way you can try various of platforms to try into

  • Promotional Code: GS001
  • Promotional Duration: Long Term
  • Platform Restriction: All Platforms
  • Promotion Objective: Enable New Players to try more games

Promotion Content

Get rewards of up to PHP188 in order to play explore more what Gstar28 is offering.

Application Method  

After successfully conducting your first deposit, before betting, please contact our 24/7 customer service to apply for the promotion.

Three conditions that players must meet in order to receive the bonus:

  1. Do not conduct deposit after you conduct your first deposit.
  2. Refrain from betting after the first deposit is conducted.
  3. After successfully conducting your first deposit, players must first message our online customer service in order to apply.

Additional Information 

  1. Gstar28 Minimum deposit is PHP100.
  2. In order to successfully conduct a withdrawal players must complete the turnover requirements of the promotion
  3. Any Bonuses obtained from the promotion is not sharable with other deposit/ betting promotions.


  1. If you deposit P100 > Message our 24/7 Customer Service before betting > You will get P100 (Deposit) + P100 (100% Bonus) = P200 (deposit + Bonus)
  2. If you deposit P200 > Message our 24/7 Customer Service before betting > You will get P200 (Deposit) + P188 (100% Bonus) = P388 (deposit + Bonus)

Terms & Conditions

  1. Once you have chosen to join this promotion, other promotions that possess the same rules and conditions with a different amount will be unavailable to be applied for.
  2. Players must only use their own unique personal information. Players who have multiple accounts or caught doing fraudulent activities will be automatically disqualified for this promotion, hence, the remaining balance of the account shall be subjected to being frozen.
  3. Gstar28 reserves the right to modify, change, refuse or cancel this promotion at its sole discretion.
  4. General Terms and Condition apply.

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